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city Akhtala (Lori)
 Akhtala Population -2245.0 Territory- 4.3 sq. km A city wwhich is in the territory of Alaverdi, 10 km north east from Alaverdi. It is 62 km far from the regional centre. In the administrative territory are included city Akhtala and health centre village Appended to Akhtala which is 3 km far from the city. Since 1995 Akhtala used to be a settlement like a city but after administrative-territorial reform it became a city. Akhtala was in the province of Lori, region of Voghjalu, Tiflis, and since 1939 it became a city. It used to have names Akhdala, Akhtala, and Pghndzhanq. Name Pghndzahanq comes from workers from Greek, who were brought by Georgian King Herakle 2nd, who built factories of silver and copper, and settled there. Connected with silver mine near it it was also named Artsatahanq (silver mine). There are ancient monuments in the territory of Akhtala, among which is the church of Akhtala. Here were found some bronze and iron objects, weapons, and ornaments. It is worth of notice the semi destroyed castle (10 century) of the city, both churches at the western part of the castle and the church of St. Arakhelots, monastery of St. Errordutyun or St. Astvatsatsin, which is also called monastery of Mariam-Anna. It used to be a center of education at middle ages. In 1229 it was reconstructed by Ivaneh Zakharyan, who buried his son here. The city is on the left bank of river Debet, on the foot of mountain Lalvar. Height from sea level is 740 m. It has several districts. The main district of the city is the previous village Nerqin Akhtala, and the new district is situated on the bank of river Shamlugh. The climate of the community is subtropical: with not hot and dry summers and mild winters. Annual precipitation is from 500 to 600 mm. From agricultural point of view it is in intensive irrigation zone. Mainly here are mountains and woods. There are mines of crop, lead and silver which are of industrial importance and are put into operation. In 1970 Akhtala used to have 4430 inhabitant. According to data of census in 2001 the city has had 2225 inhabitant, and the village Appanded to helth center-20. According to data of National Statistic Service city Akhtala have had 2.4 thousand inhabitants in 2005. Men are 45% and women-55% of the community. Age groups are divided as follows: pre able-bodied-24%, able bodied-57%, and post able-bodied-19%. The community has two secondary schools, a house of culture, two libraries, 5 kindergartens, a sports ground, a hotel, a dispensary, a hospital, and a knot of communication. Health resort house Akhtala is also here. Industry is the main specialized branch of the city. The main enterprise is the factory of mining, where is implemented enrichment of several irons. There are factories of bread and dairy produce. 15% of the lands of the community are used as croft lands, 63% are store lands, 22% state lands which are of agricultural importance and are used as arable lands (17 hectare), and pastures-41 hectare. They are occupied with fruit growing, melons and gourds growing, poultry farming and cattle-breeding. There are several problems for the community, among which are reconstruction of intercommunity roads, reconstruction of the building of the school and renewing furniture of the school, problems of irrigation and drinking waters, and the problem of night enlightening. Also are important reconstruction of historical monuments and also problems of environment: air and water pollution.

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