We invite young French-speaking active volunteers to cooperate

Within the framework of Armenian-French Decentralized Cooperation we invite young French-speaking active volunteers to be engage in Armenian-French partnerships and in the works of organizing international events. Interested parties by February 5 can apply to the office of Union of Communities of Armenia by the following E_mail: [email protected].

About Armenian-French decentralized cooperation

The Armenian-French decentralized cooperation is part of a long history of friendship between the two countries. Today there are about three dozen collaborations. Decentralized cooperation focuses on the development of local communities and contributes to the exchange of experience of Armenian and French local authorities and discuss issues of common importance. The first Armenian-French Decentralized Conference was held in Yerevan in 2010, in October. It united 250 participants representing nearly thirty communities, focusing on four themes: Local government and staff training; Economic development, tourism and rural development; French teaching, Dual partnerships between communities. During the conference, the "Hayastan" group by  the United Cities of France was set up to support the cooperation of Armenian and French local authorities. Within the framework of Union of Communities of Armenia the French Group was formed by the same purpose.

The Second Conference, held in Valance in October 2013, was finalized by the adoption of the Valance Declaration by members of the French and Armenian local communities, setting out sectoral goals and recommendations for cooperation, reaffirming the importance of further cooperation.

The Third Forum of French-Armenian Decentralized Cooperation was held in 2016. December 1 and 2 in Yerevan. This event, organized by the Union of Communities of Armenia and the Association of Unified Towns of France, brought together more than 200 participants. At the end of the conference, the Final Declaration of Yerevan, adopted on December 2, 2016, defines the next three years as the priority of economic development of the territories.

The Fourth Forum of French-Armenian Decentralized Cooperation, uniting about 250 participants, will be held in Lion, France at the end of 2020.