Executive Director - Natalia Lapauri – Performs overall management and oversight of the Association’s Executive Body’s work. Keeps contact with member communities and coordinates international co-operation. Mrs. Lapauri manages the staff of the Union, implements employer functions for the Union's employees, including concluding employment contracts, representing the interests of the Union, represents the Union with other organizations and in various events, provides the development and implementation of the annual work program, Organizes meetings of bodies and committees, ensures effective communication with members, manages the Union's financial resources, cooperates with the auditor and the Audit Committee.

Ms. Lapauri is the Secretary of the Armenian Delegation to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. She is responsible for organizing community service training courses, at the same time carrying out teaching activities within the Association educational projects framework. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the "Community Management Academy" Foundation. Since 2011 up to present she is a Member of the Board of Trustees of Areni Foundation. From 2008 to present he is a member of Yerevan Council of Elders  being elected and re-elected on proportional electoral system.


Program Officer -Vahram Vardanyan-  Oversees execution, management, monitoring and evaluation of all programs implemented by the Republican Association of Armenian Communities / Union of Armenian Communities. Development of new projects and proposals in accordance with the requirements of donors and partners. 

Mr. Vardanyan is a technical representative of the Union of Communities of Armenia in the "Energy Cities" program. Since 2014, he is the representative of Yerevan and Armenia at the Youth Regional Network of the European Regions Assembly (YRN AER) (an observer and then a full member). He is a member of the Steering Group of Youth European Platform on Learning Mobility.

Mr. Vardanyan is a member of regional and municipal development and investment projects evaluation and election commissions created by donors (GIZ, USAID, EU, SDC) and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development

Knarik Manukyan -Project Officer for Armenian-French cooperation, Secretary of the "France Group", a member of Armenian-French  Decentralized Cooperation,  Communications responsible for  Association of Francophone Organizations.

Lilit Ohanyan - Assistant to CAA President