International Self-Governance Meetings in Paris:

On October 9-10, 2017  the  meetings of the Armenian and French Territorial Authorities will take place in Paris (Pavillon d'Armenonville).

Similiar meetings last year  were attended by more than 1,500 participants from 50 countries, offered forty days of conferences / meetings / countries focus groups and fifteen nationalities in the pavilions of the presented countries. This year many foreign delegations are expected to be comprised of ministers, mayors, elected representatives and active regional staff in international cooperation, as well as representatives of institutions, NGOs and the private sector.
This year, the meetings will be held in a very favorable environment, reaching a state-level summit, with international relevance characterized by the strengthening of the role of local authorities in international cooperation and the support of the supreme authorities, with the participation of the President of Armenia two years ago.
Armenia can take advantage of this unique opportunity to address the decentralized cooperation strategy and challenges, upgrade its foreign policy, and build strong relationships with local authorities and government agencies.
At the official invitation of the Executive Director of the Unified Towns of France, Bertrand Gallet, Mr Yeritsyan, as the President of the Armed Forces, is exempt from all the participation fees.
The pavilion of Armenia can unite the central authorities (the Ministry of Development and Territorial Administration) and the Union of Local Elected Officers (AAM) and any institution or organization specializing in local development and decentralized cooperation whose presence you would consider useful.