Francophonie days in Armenia: Regional events, March 2017

Francophonie days in Armenia: Regional events, March 2017

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Francophonie days: Regional events, March 2017



  • Chess Championship will be held March 6 in the city of Abovian, dedicated to  Lou  Charles  Mae  de  Laburdone on.
  • Readings of fairy tales will be held in Abovyan's library on March 17.
  • French films will be screened with French subtitles every Friday in March-April.
  • In March-April, St. For the pedagogical staff at the N 5 high school after Shahumyan, the first essential phrases and wing speeches will be taught.
  • An event dedicated to the acquisition of French language textbooks will be held on March 17.
  • On March 21, at 13:00, a recitation contest "French Poetry" will be held at the high school N5 after Shahumyan.
  • On March 23, at 13:00, Debate-Debate, "France and Democracy" will be held at the high school # 5 named after St. Shahumyan in Alaverdi.
  • On March 30, a report on the activities of the great Armenian philanthropist Alexander Mantashov in France (event, library) will be held.
  • On March 13, at 16:00 in the Artik N2 pre-school and on March 15, at 16:00, there will be a cartoon watch at Artik N3 pre-school.
  • On March 17, at 15:00 and on March 25, at 14:00 in the artistic center of Artik Artik and in the main school N 1, a performance will be made in France.
  • An open lesson will be held at Artik N2 School on March 17 at 10:00 and on March 20 at 10:00 in Artik N3 Pre-School. 
  • On March 20, at 16:00 in Artik N2 pre-school and on March 22, at 16:00, the reading of the fairy tale will take place at Artik N3 pre-school.
  • In March-April in Goris, The event will feature events, exhibitions, stage performances and musical events at N 1 after Sargsyan.
  • In March-April, Goris will host French cartoon films and films (mobile cinema).
  • Events dedicated to Francophonie's two-day celebrations will be held in 6 schools of Goris in March-April.
  • From March 15 to April 15 a dance competition will be organized within the frameworks of the Francophonie semifinal in the Goris French Cultural Center.
  • On March 25, an exhibition will be organized at Goris French Cultural Center.
  • On March 24, The screening of Henri Vernon's "Mayrig" will take place at Vagharshyan State Drama Theater.


  • In Dilijan Museum From March 17 to April 20, the first written information about Dilijan will be screened on the book "Travel to Persia and Other Places of the East" by French traveler Jean-Chardin.
  • From March 11 to April 15, the main exhibition hall of Dilijan Museum will host "Painter Jean Batista Groz: The genre of the portrait and his contemporaries, the Rococo ".
  • In March-April, Hovh. A library of French literature will be screened at the Hovhanissian Central Library. 
  • On March 31, at 18:00, a presentation in French will take place at the Makhanents Theater of the Armenian Unity Cross.
  • A competition for French songs will take place on March 7 at the French Language Learning Center in Talin Municipality.
  • On March 17, Talin Community Center will host a dialogue between the students of the French Language Learning Center.


  • From March 10 to April 30, Spitak House of Culture will host a photo exhibition dedicated to the friendship of Spitak-France.
  • On March 10, at 15:00, the "Great French Artists" exhibition will be held at School # 2.
  • A poetry evening will be held at School # 2 on March 15 at 14:00. On March 20, at 15:00, a handmade competition, the symbols of France will be held at School N 2.
  • On March 20, at 15:00, a handmade competition, the symbols of France, will be held at School # 2.
  • A culinary competition will be held at the School # 2 on March 20 at 15:00 (get acquainted with the French cuisine).
  • From March 20 to April 20, the "France through My Eyes" exhibition will be held at the Fine Arts School.
  • From March 25 to April 25, Spitak City Library will host a screening of French translations of French authors.
  • In March-April, Stepanavan's main school N3 will host classes for 5-9th graders to expand knowledge about France (habits, geographical location, population, cuisine, French history and heroes), as well as about world-renowned and beloved French actors Provision of information.
  • French language classes for beginners (with the participation of pupils of 3-4 grades) will be organized in Stepanavan's main school N 3.
  • In March-April, Stepanavan's main school # 3 will be hosting French cartoon films and cartoons with 5-9th grade pupils.
  • In March-April, French language dialogues will be organized in Stepanavan's main school # 3 (with the participation of 5-9th grade pupils).


  • On March 7, at 15:00, a round table will be held with the members of the community in Sevan N1.
  • On March 13, at 16:00, a solemn event dedicated to the French Day will be held at N1, N1.
  • Preparation, shooting and presentation of the second part of the "Together to Speak Armenian together" training video will take place from March 25 to April 25 in Sevan City Hall.


  • March and April of Vanadzor central locking radaranneri argi  Library of Norms will be held at  the French show writers.
  • On March 27 at 16:00 a joint concert of the Vanadzor Komitas School and the French Center will be held.
  •  In the second half of March, Vardenis City and Children's Library will host an exhibition of French literature.