Organizational Strategy

In 2015, the CAA decided to address the need for its institutional reforms with a view to further strengthening multidisciplinary organization and to optimize the interests of member communities and the provision of services to members
The Strategic Working Group consisting of the members of the Union Council, conducted extended consultations and developed the main directions of the organization’s strategic plan, which were adopted in regional working groups, that gathered in May 2017 in Tsakhkadzor, Dilijan, Aghveran and Jermuk. In total 103 community leaders were invited to participate in regional workshops across entire country.
In July 2016, the Republican Board adopted the five-year Strategic Plan of the organization with the following strategic goals:

  • Increasing the impact of the Association's advocacy activity on local self-governance

Throughout its twenty-year activity, the Association has played a key role in the development of the Armenian local- governance sector, it will continue to do so using advanced advocacy tools to create participatory approach of its members towards issues and problems. It should also be noted that the Association's activities in the field will not be limited to lobbying at the community and national levels, but will be leveraged to international level since Association represents the interests of its members in a number of international organizations and institutions.

  • Capacity Building of Local Self-Government Bodies to Improve the Efficiency of Local Self-Government Bodies and increase quality of services to the citizens of Armenia

The Association works to improve the capacities of its member communities, community leaders and community service providers, as well as advise its members on sharing the best practices within its network with all its members. The services provided to the members will be reviewed, with special emphasis on the most urgent needs of member communities. The Association expects that the relevant knowledge and advice provided to local self-government bodies will contribute to improving the efficiency of local self-governing bodies and solving existing problems in the communities.

  •  Increasing the efficiency of the Association's activities through institutional development

Implementation of organizational mission implies the improvement of the human and institutional capacity of the Union. In this regard, the capacity building of the Association Executive body staff, reform of the governance system and ensuring financial sustainability are particularly important.

  • Development of Public Relations and Public Relations function of the Association

The Association has all the necessary prerequisites for its organizational development and for becoming a professional and influential organization. In order to achieve this, the Association needs to improve its internal and external communication systems by setting new standards for the creation and dissemination of information.