Statement by the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Condemning the Military Aggression Unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Artsakh Republic on September 27, 2020


The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia strongly condemns the military aggression and large-scale armed attack unleashed by the...

Corruption which brings about the War: CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia strictly condemns Azerbaijani Military Aggressive Attacks against Artsakh


Early in the morning on 27 September, Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire and initiated large-scale air and artillery attacks along the whole...

Seminar-trainings for community leaders, council of elders members, community servants and for other stakeholders


Union of Communities of Armenia with financial support of Visegrad Fund implements ''Colloboration towards sustainable development of cities...

The resolution calls on local and regional authorities to engage in dialogue with young people


The Congress  Current Affairs Committee  adopted a report prepared by co-rapporteurs Ilsur Metshin (Russian Federation, ILDG)...

Congress underlines the need to take into account capital cities’ specific needs in a framework that is both flexible and guarantees their autonomy


"Capital cities are often the demographic, cultural, economic and political center of countries with consequences that can be both positive...

The Congress Resumes the Work of the Committees


The Congress resumes the work of the committees.